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Dental Practice Management Consulting

ExecTech Management Consulting is located in Northern California and we specialize in dental practice management consulting, dental marketing, practice owner/CEO training, office manager training, and executive coaching. We work locally with doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlike other dental consultants and practice-building programs, ExecTech's consulting program includes personalized, on-site, one-on-one services to help practice owners implement the improvements they need to reach their goals. Our purpose is to help practice owners increase profit and reduce stress.

At ExecTech, we specialize in swift action and implementation with customized solutions, yielding the best client results and the most client references out of all other dental consultants! 

Interestingly, many ExecTech clients had previously worked with other consultants before ExecTech and will tell you they did not get permanent and lasting results they were hoping for. Even worse, some of their previous consulting help made their problems worse by upsetting staff and trying to fit their practice into a mold with cookie-cutter systems. Fortunately, we do not operate this way. We completely customize our advice, systems, and training to fit your practice, your personality, your staff, and your goals. ExecTech solves office problems with modern consulting solutions for a today's-world dental practice. 

Since 1991, ExecTech consultants have worked with over 1600 different offices. On average, ExecTech clients retain us for 2-3 years due to the continuous gains and steady income increases they achieve with our consulting help. ExecTech delivers the fastest and best return on investment in the entire consulting industry. See for yourself how ExecTech is different!

How ExecTech Operates 

  • Goals: Our purpose is to help you reach your goals. So we specialize in goal setting, planning and achievement. For example: During your first consulting meeting, we help you set and refine the short- and long-term goals that you want to achieve in your practice. We then focus on helping you attain these goals, despite the distractions, problems and opposition that always surface with progress.
  • Office visits: Nothing works better than one-on-one, face-to-face consulting which is ExecTech’s primary method of consulting. Directly with you, in your office, on a regular basis.
  • Unlimited Service: ExecTech’s customized program includes two meetings per month in your practice and as many additional meetings, phone calls and emails you may need to make steady, concrete progress, increase your production and enjoy more profit.
  • Reliable Support: As an ExecTech client, you can call, text or email your consultant at any time for any reason; day or night.
  • Proven, Usable Solutions: Every practice problem can have dozens of possible solutions. Based on years of experience solving practice problems, your consultant will help you choose the solution that works best for your personality, your patient-demographic, your area, and your style of practicing.
  • New Skills: ExecTech's program gives you management skills that you need as a CEO to earn more profit with less stress. As a result, you get the confidence to take on bigger challenges and to achieve greater goals. Your new skills are yours to use for the rest of your career.
  • Implementation: The greatest advantage of ExecTech’s one-on-one approach is successful implementation. Your consultant helps you determine your best strategy, provides you with plans, follows up, and persists. This is our area of expertise.

What We Help Our Clients Achieve

  • A large volume of quality new patients coming into your practice.
  • An efficient, caring, loyal staff who work together as a team.
  • Streamlined tasks and job duties through well-organized systems and procedures.
  • Greater scheduling control; less holes and cancellations.
  • Effective patient management systems, including stronger recall and reactivation systems.
  • Higher treatment acceptance with greater treatment presentation and financial arrangements; including better flow-line and patient hand off.
  • Greater productivity in less time, through better efficiency: Working smarter, not harder.
  • Happier, more enjoyable work environment for you and your staff.
  • Patients who appreciate your excellent work, ensure you get paid and refer you to their family and friends.
  • More freedom to deliver the types of procedures you most enjoy providing.
  • Enough income to support the lifestyle you and your family want.
  • Improved family and personal life as a result of more free time and money, with less stress.
  • Retirement financing on schedule.
  • Most importantly, your practice gives more to you than it takes out of you.

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ExecTech Client Comments

Natalie Provenzano, DDS - San Jose, CA

I can honestly say that hiring ExecTech has, by far, been the best business decision I have made. It has been worth every penny, and more! My practice has grown to the point where I need a bigger space to accommodate it! I have recently purchased a new building to move my practice to! More               

Dino Javaheri, DDS Danville, CA

In my first six months on the program, not only did my practice hit highest-ever numbers in both production and collections, but my production is 26 percent higher than the six months prior to the program and my collections have increased by 25 percent..More               

Safa Khaleel, DDS Mountain View, CA

One thing that I really like about the program is the way that my consultant helped me with hiring strategies. I have since added two hygienists to my multi-specialty practice. My hygiene schedule is now full and my collections are up significantly over last year...More               

Ray Shirani, DDS
San Jose, CA

"From the ExecTech program, I realized that the business aspect of the practice is just as important as the clinical aspect. Previously, I used to just look at the numbers and had no idea what they meant. My production was declining and my stress was rising... More                                           

Benjamin Rosales, DDS - Pinole, CA

Team performance is higher than ever, we see month-over-month growth, we continue to receive positive feedback and reviews from our patients, and we have created so much valuable personal time for ourselves..More                


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